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Another Update!

Posted by K.Matt on July 16, 2013 at 12:10 AM

I need to update this site more often. Anyhow, I plan to add a number of new images sometime in the very near future. I've also been working on a 100 themes challenge, along with my series.

Speaking of my book series, Hell Bent, I still have yet to edit. I've been working on some short prequel stories, a lot of illustrations... And I'm going to devote my newly rediscovered WordPress blog to anything concerning said series. 

Also, I've been hoping to raise some money to go to New York Comic Con this October. Any help would be appreciated. For more info, go here:

Furthermore, I've come up with some other options for commissions. When I add more images, I fully intend to put samples of some of the new options up, as well.  Anyhow, here's the list: 

$5 = Inked Sketch w/o Background or color

$10= Inked Sketch w/Background, no color 

$15= Inked and Flat Colored Sketch, No Background 

$20= Inked and Flat Colored Sketch, w/Background.png)

$25= Inked, Colored, Shaded Pic, With or Without Background 

There is no limit on how many figures may go into one image. And as for the other options...


$5= 5 bookmarks (Tassel/No tassel/Rectangular/Shaped).

$10= 9 trading cards 


Another thing I forgot to mention about these commissions is that there's an option between digital artwork or traditional. Traditional would be done with gel pen and Sharpie.

For traditional works, you will have the option of getting the original. And as for the short comics, I'm thinking those would be up to 10 pages. Prices would be negotiable, since I'd rather not overcharge anyone.

The process for commissions would be like this: 


2) Sketch

3) Inks

4) Colors (if applicable)

5) Shading/highlights (if applicable)

With each step being sent to the client for feedback. As for payment, that can be done either up-front, or before the final stage. I prefer not to wait until it's entirely done. 

Anyhow, hoping to get more pics up here later this week!


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